We participate in the following foundations and organizations:



Endeavor boosts the development of talented, ethical, innovative entrepreneurs with growing potential.

Founded in 1997, Endeavor is a global organization with offices all around the globe;

Founded in 1998, Endeavor Argentina was an early pioneer of Endeavor’s model. Since then, it has become a reference point for entrepreneurship in Argentina.

In Rosario, from 2009 to 2012, more than 200 entrepreneurs in different stages of development were identified and given support; and more than 3500 people participated in the massive support activities organized by Endeavor.

Rosental headed the Endeavor venue opening in our city.

The Initial Board of Directors was established in 2009. Miguel Rosental was its President up until 2012.
Nowadays, Lisandro Rosental is a member if Endeavor Rosario Board of Directors.



Fundación de la Ciudad de Rosario was established with the aim of generating a synergic articulation between the public and private sectors so as to strengthen Rosario’s identity and distinctive characteristics; boosting its development, promoting and supporting the outstanding growth of the region in its own urban environment, both locally and abroad.

Ensuring the participation of those who can contribute to the positioning of our city through citizen awareness and by doing so, building together a sense of belonging.

Rosental is part of its founding members and holds and active participation in the Management Board of Fundación.



Junior Achievement is a non-profit international organization which aims at educating and inspiring young students of primary, secondary and university level to give value to and defend the free enterprise system, help them to understand the economy and business world, and contribute to give them access to the labor world.

Currently, Junior Achievement is present in 119 countries across the globe, and impacts the lives of more tham 8,3 million young people each year. More than 87 million since 1919.

Rosental is part of its Management Commission and participates actively in the activities promoted by JA by motivating its staff to join the organization volunteering work.



Fundación Onco Hematológica Pediátrica Argentina (FAOHP) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1984 by doctors, professionals from other areas and citizens interested in assisting children with cancer and their families in a comprehensive way, trying to improve their life quality. Mainly operating in the area of Santa Fe province.

The financing sources to run the programs and come from the private sector, donations and events organized by its Management Board.

Rosental organized a fund raising sport event that gathered local football players, many of them with international recognition, to play together with members of sponsoring companies.

Thanks to this participation, the organization managed to acquire equipments for hospitals in the city.



MoveRSE is a non-profit organization in which entrepreneurs, executives and companies of all sizes gather together to develope their businesses within an inclusive framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

During the last years, Rosental has been participating in the development of MOVERSE annual events.

Rosental offers its support by sponsoring many of their activities.



TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a cycle of conferences with international prestige. Some of the world's most important thinkers and entrepreneurs are invited to share what they love the most: ideas.

In 2009 TEDx was created in the spirit of TED's mission, 'ideas worth spreading.'

The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.

Rosental has been sponsoring TEDx Rosario event since 2009.



The Civil Association BAR is a non-profit organization that collects food that cannot be sold, but is nonetheless suitable for consumption and clearly and efficiently distributes it among organizations which assist low income people and families.

The Association was granted legal capacity in 2011 with the purpose of implementing a food bank to help organizations feeding and improving child nutrition in Rosario.

The idea was promoted by the Moverse Nutrition and Childhood Commission.

It was created with the support and institutional approval of the Argentine Food Banks Network (Red Argentina de Bancos de Alimentos).

Rosental supports BAR activities through food donations thanks to the permanent collaboration of all its members.

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